Dangler Funeral Home provides caskets, vaults and funeral service options in various price ranges. The full extent of Dangler's efforts in your behalf is determined by your needs and your wishes. 

Items for you to consider include: 

  • Casket
  • Clothing
  • Chapel, Church, or Graveside service
  • Cemetery Space
  • Honoraria for clergy/musicians
  • Copies of the death certificate
  • Outer Burial Container
  • Viewing/visitation
  • Family transportation

Dangler Funeral Home offers complete cremation options. If you are considering cremation, you should know that there is a wide range of choices available to you. 

Decisions you will need to make include: 

  • A container or combustible casket for the body or combustible alternative caskets, which are suitable for a public viewing.
  • An urn for the cremains, ranging from the included plastic urn at no additional charge.
  • Whether there is to be any viewing, public or private
  • Location and scheduling of a memorial service
  • Final placement of the cremated remains
  • Newspaper notices

Since the founding of Dangler Funeral Home, it has been our policy to provide full information about funeral arrangements and costs. These days a variety of funeral alternatives are available and you will find that Dangler's itemized funeral charges will be informative and helpful when considering service details. 

A licensed representative of Dangler Funeral Home is willing to answer any questions you may have. There is no fee for pre-arrangement consultation and there will never be any pressure or obligation. Please contact us for a free General Price List, Casket Price List, and Outer Burial Container Price List. 

To Assist you, Dangler is providing the following information:

SOCIAL SECURITY: Dangler will notify Social Security by mail of a death. This will aid in stopping monthly checks. If you are entitled to benefits, please call Social Security at 828-251-9941 or 1-800-772-1213. You will need to have your and your spouse's Social Security numbers, dates of birth of minor children, and your marriage date. 

VETERAN'S BENEFITS: At your request, Dangler will file applications for a flag, marker, and cash burial benefits. If you have questions about dependent and/or survivor benefits, call the National Service Officer at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, 828-298-7911 (ext. 5331), or Buncombe County Veterans Service Officer at 828-250-5509. 

INSURANCE: Insurance Companies generally require claimants statements and death certificates. Your director at Dangler is familiar with the process and will assist you on request. 

WILLS & PROBATE: Take the will to the Estates and Probate Division of the Clerk of Court, which is located on the mezzanine of the Courthouse. If there is no will, the closest relatives need to go to this same office to qualify to settle the estate. The estate office will assist you.